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Since our founding in 2000, HyTech Group LTD has operated with strong values aimed at understanding and serving client needs. To us, every new project means a new relationship. The information we learn from this open communication model allows us to deliver excellent results. Get in touch today, and discover the advantage of working with us.



No matter what your emergency our emergency plumbers can help. Whether it's a leaking pipe, a blocked drain or a broken down boiler, we’ll make sure that we have you back to normal as soon as possible.

As with most emergency plumbers, we are available at any time of the day or night to deal with any plumbing emergency.

Our highly skilled team of plumbers offer fast and affordable solutions to your plumbing emergencies 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year.

So if you need an emergency plumber  then call us today on 0330 128 1658.

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Exceptional Service

If you are experiencing recurring blockages, a CCTV camera survey is an effective way of identifying the root of the problem. Our Hampshire experts can perform a survey at a time that best suits you, so your drainage problem can be a thing of the past.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Blocked drain? Recurring drainage problems? Our Able experts are here 24 hours a day to help resolve your drainage dilemmas. We'll uncover and identify drainage problems with a CCTV survey, not to mention clearing and cleaning drains with high pressure drain jetting.
If you have blocked and dirty drains, our high pressure drain jetting service is your answer. Our drainage specialists will ensure all areas of your drain are left clear and clean in no time, whilst offering helpful advice to prevent future blockages.



Here For You

We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can respond to your drainage issues swiftly and in a timely fashion. Hytech Group are proud to respond to the majority of emergency jobs in under 4 hours!



Exceptional Service

Our routine servicing can prevent drains blocking and releive the hassle and upset of having the mess from a blocked drain.
Our service can be carried out on a six monthly basis. this includes jetting and a camera survey.



Hytech Group are able to provide you with a maintenance package that suits your business's needs.

You may wish to be able to contact us on an adhoc basis for reactive repairs required to keep your business operating safely and smoothly or you may be looking for particular elements of your property to have regular scheduled maintenance completed. 

Get in touch today to discuss your needs and we can create a package that suits you. Alternatively if you have a maintenance need that you would like us to look at now then contact us today for your free quote. 

Typical services:

- Fire proofing doors/woodwork

- Installation of new doors and windows

- Refreshing office decor

- Repairing damage to building or decor

- Roofing repairs

- Replace faulty electrical goods


Property maintenance means to upkeep a property through good housekeeping and maintenance. The property may include a commercial building, a dwelling unit or any estate.

Property maintenance may include wide range of services, which may vary with the type of property involved. Generally these include from day to day cleaning, to air conditioning, plumbing, fire safety, electrical wiring, boarding, glazing, locksmiths, refurbishment or roofing.

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Fireproofing Insulation
Fireproofing insulation is often applied to equipment and steel supports in process facilities. Fireproofing provides resistance to fire so that critical structures remain standing and critical control systems continue to operate until the fire is brought under control. Asbestos was commonly used for fireproofing but has been replaced with a range of cement-based products. Intumescent coatings work by quickly swelling to four times their original thickness, thus insulating the structure that they are protecting. If a vessel or column requires insulation for other reasons, cost-effective fireproofing can often be accomplished by using stainless steel weather-jacketing over the insulation, provided the insulation is suitable for the fire temperature. Water spray or deluge systems can replace fireproofing for vessel protection and should be provided when vessel contents are reactive.

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Gutter Cleaning Services
To keep gutters and downpipes in good working order they should be cleared and maintained on a regular basis. This helps prevent damp problems and more costly blockages. We provide complete high reach camera surveys and gutter clearance packages.
Regular cleaning of PVCu fascias and guttering helps keeps your property looking it's best and helps prevent more permanent staining.



As a dedicated team of contractors, it gives us great pride to be able to call these projects our own. Whatever the size or time commitment of each project, our flexibility and strong work ethic allows us to carefully plan ahead in order to meet deadlines while delivering high quality solutions that are built to last. Take a look at some sample projects below.


Hy Tech Group  work alongside Dinak, Europes largest flue manufacturer

Our commercial flue systems have earned a well-deserved reputation for their quality, performance and durability.

All of our commercial flue systems are bespoke for each project – we have a solution for any size of building, ranging from a single office through to Hospitals ,Schools & large commercial properties including residential property.

 Because we make the flue pipes, components, joints and the structures that support them, we know that every element doesn’t just meet our exacting standards but also complies with the requirements of the CE Mark.

Our high standards also apply to the installation of our products – which is why we have specialist teams that cover the UK installing our commercial flue systems. On the vast majority of projects, contractors trust A1 teams to supply and install the flue systems. On the rare occasions where we have a ‘supply-only’ arrangement, we’ll still always go the extra mile and provide advice and assistance to ensure the system is installed to the level we expect.




Ensuring energy availability is critical for any facility - whether it’s an office block, leisure center, hospital or commercial operation. 

At Cosgrove & Drew we have the resources and capabilities to offer intelligent energy solutions, tailored specifically to meet the needs of your building. We offer a complete range of services for plant rooms from design and specification through to fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We can offer full design and specification for a wide range of plant room projects. If you wish to discuss your own plant room project please call 0330 128 1658 to speak to a member of our helpful team. We offer free quotations as standard.



Self-supporting structures made from interlinked latticework made from circular section metallic elements. The structures include factory fitted modular flues  anchored to the structure using suitable stainless steel elements and screws.

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